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Ideal Car Loans - Questions

Question: Can I be approved for a car loan, even though I have no prior credit?
Answer: Of course, having no credit doesn't mean you will be denied car loan approval. There are many factors taken into consideration, and credit is only a part of the approval process. For many first time buyers there are numerous programs to help you get started.

Question: I have a newly divorced with a bankruptcy on my credit report. Do you have special financing for people in my situation?
Answer: Yes, in fact, our special financing team makes sure that you are getting the absolute lowest interest rate for the vehicle you wish to finance. No matter what your circumstances may be (bankrupcty, judgments, divorce, or bad credit), financing is really not difficult when you are dealing with an experienced special finance team who deal with bad credit car loans on a daily basis.

Question: What is your online car loan application fee?
Answer: You're in luck...there are no online application fees here!

Question: What amount will be required for a down payment?
Answer: Although many people have somewhat of a down payment when they apply for car loans, it really depends upon your specific financial situation. If you have no down payment, don't be discouraged...you can make special arrangements for your down payment where you might not even have to have anything upfront. This is something you will want to discuss with the loan consultant.

Question: I have found a car that I would like to purchase, but it is from an individual (not on a car lot), are loans for this purpose available?
Answer: No, not at this time.

Question: I don't have alot of time, and need a car fast, can I just be approved for a car loan over the phone?
Answer: Sorry, we cannot take car loan applications by phone. We want to remind you that if you have just 3 minutes, that is all the time you need to apply for a car loan online.



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